Many security experts have even concluded that the greatest vulnerability in the company is just inside it. The percentage of thefts and scams that are orchestrated internally is very high and therefore your business plan should contemplate a security strategy within the ordinary budget of expenses.

The starting point to talk about security is to convince the most important person in the organization and is just the owner, manager or directors. Why? For two important reasons:

Precisely because the issue of prevention is a fairly intangible issue whose benefits are hardly visible unless an event occurs.

Because security costs can be as high as the level of protection you want.

Therefore, we must be very clear about the importance of implementing low-cost security measures and strategies that protect your business without exceeding the limits of your budget.

The second important aspect is to be clear about the areas that you must protect against attacks and attacks and according to the studies, the main ones are:

Foreign Security

Internal security

Informatic security

Of course, besides allocating a certain budget to security (between 5% and 20%), you can observe a series of measures and habits that will help you reduce the possibility of risks and save you thousands of dollars in protection systems: